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at xsubc electronics, llc ("xsubc"), we feel that despite
over a century of continuous evolution and development,
there are still significant deficiencies in affordable
communications equipment and test instruments. the gap
between the high cost and limited features in some
equipment has lead us to coin the phrase 'the price -
performance divide', and the deficiencies that we see don't
just revolve around how much performance you get for the
price you pay, but also the limitations of the equipment itself.
with that in mind, xsubc attempts to fill those voids left
behind by others.

xsubc (pronounced "eks-sub-see", the mathematical
expression of an 'x' followed by a subscript letter 'c'), based
in new jersey, usa, was founded by an entrepreneurially
spirited team in 2006 as an rf and dsp consulting, design,
and manufacturing company. our mission is to design and
manufacture a variety of innovative products, and as such
become a significant force in the industry, differentiating us
from our competition through price, performance, and quality.
all of our products are designed and assembled in the usa.

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